The Pros & Cons Of A Summer Wedding

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The summer season is one of the busiest seasons to get married in – it is easy to understand why and it’s also easy to overlook or forget about the potential pitfalls the season brings with it.

Here are the pros and cons of organising your wedding for the most popular season of the year:

Pro: You can make the most of being outdoors

From the wedding photos to events at the reception, with summer weather you can pack more options into your wedding. The good weather of the summer season means that when you book a venue you aren’t limited to remaining indoors, so it’s almost like booking two venues for the price of one, as you can take advantage of this by getting married outside the venue with a beautiful view and then moving the celebration inside for the reception.

Another advantage with being able to be outdoors is that you can keep the guests entertained with a selection of lawn games while you and the bridal party get your photographs taken.

Con: Summer doesn’t mean no rain

Usually when you plan for a wedding that isn’t in the summer the weather is a major concern and needs to be factored in. Unfortunately, summer doesn’t avoid this potential pitfall and so if you’ve planned to have your wedding outdoors a sudden burst of rain can ruin your dream wedding in seconds.

If you are planning a wedding outdoors you can book a marquee, and many companies offer a rain plan which allows you to cancel the marquee if it looks like there won’t be any rain up to a week before the wedding. It’s important to remember that summer doesn’t guarantee perfect weather, so if you are having a summer wedding ensure you’ve got weather related backups in place.

Pro: The weather’s warm – no need to wrap up!

The weather is warmer so you can skip sleeved dresses and embrace the strapless dress without freezing. While winter dresses can be charming with faux fur wraps and jackets, the more traditional and classic wedding dress is best served by the summer season and you won’t have to spend time trying to stay wrapped up.

Con: When it’s hot its very hot

While summer wedding dresses will let you show off more skin than in other seasons, the dresses are very heavy with lots of layers and it is easy to overheat. The sun will also bring the risk of sun burn so you will need to lather up the sun screen if you plan to spend part of your wedding day outside.

Try to avoid ball gowns and stick to thinner and lighter dresses, and avoid the risk of constantly sweating. An increasingly kitsch summer wedding accessory is to add a fan to your wedding outfit which allows you to keep cool in style.

Pro: It’s a popular wedding season

Most people associate summer with weddings and it can be a great time to plan a wedding as children will be off school, so parents won’t have to arrange child cover or have children miss school for the wedding or reception. Many people will have suitable summer dresses ready for the season and will be ready to dress to impress at your wedding without much effort.

Summer Wedding

Con: It’s a popular wedding season

One of the major drawbacks of a summer wedding is that it is a very popular wedding season. Many of your guests will have had to attend numerous weddings and the cost of attending multiple receptions means you risk guests having wedding fatigue and your day being just another wedding they have to attend, instead of the highlight of the season and something to look forward to.

While your guests will undoubtedly wish you well, some of the sparkle of the wedding might be lost due to the sheer amount of them occurring. The venues also tend to be more expensive during the summer and are likely to be booked up months and even years in advance.

By Felicity McKee, Excalibur Press