The Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Irish Country Music-Inspired Wedding

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You can’t beat a bit of Irish country music, it’s just such an endearing genre. In fact, you and your partner might enjoy it so much that you decide to make it the theme of your wedding. If that’s the case, you’ll need some top tips to create the perfect Irish country music-inspired wedding for a celebration you’ll remember fondly forever.

Check out our ultimate guide to planning the perfect Irish country music-themed wedding:

1. Set your budget

Before you do anything else, you need to establish a budget and how much you want to spend on each aspect of the wedding. Think about how many people you can invite, which aspects of the wedding day are most important to you and any extra expenses that you might have to consider. Once you’ve agreed on these issues, then it’s on with the organising.

2. Choose a flexible venue

When it comes to choosing a venue, a private venue is more likely to accommodate your wedding the way you want it than a public building. That could be an event hall or a restaurant, or you may even choose to hold your wedding in a scenic countryside venue. How about holding the ceremony in a barn and having the reception outdoors?

Irish country music

3. Infuse your wedding invitations with a country theme

The wedding invitations are your first chance to infuse proceedings with charming Irish country music flavour. You could take album covers of your favourite country music artists and set them as the background of your invitation, or lay a text in fancy font across a background of beautiful Irish countryside. Just remember not to get so caught up in the creativity aspect that you forget to specify important details such as the time, venue, date and any special arrangements for the ceremony or reception.

4. Make your centrepieces specific to the genre

Make the most of the fantastic opportunity centrepieces offer to revel in your theme. To really invoke that country music feel, choose decorative centrepieces that reflect key characteristics or themes of the genre. For instance, you could maybe make a decorative truck or a cowboy hat filled with flowers.

5. Add some country music flavour to the menu

Have a little fun with the menu. You don’t have to go for boring but fancy names like ‘chicken breast in a homemade rosemary jus’. Instead, take the chance to get inventive and offer ‘Big Tom’s Starter’ or ‘Dessert a la O’ Donnell’. Don’t forget to have some of your favourite country tunes as background music while you and your guests tuck into the wedding meal.

6. Hire an Irish country music band

You could always hire a DJ to play a mix of country music and other songs after the wedding meal, but if you really want to go all out, hire a band to play at your wedding. Not only will they play genuine Irish country music, but they can get all the guests more involved in the celebration. Speak to the band before the big day and they may be able to make a good old-fashioned country hoedown part of the set.

Follow these tips and infuse your wedding with the charming theme of Irish country music. They’ll make it a memorable and enjoyable day for both you and your guests.