Things You NEED To Know Before Booking A Wedding Photographer

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Wedding photos usually sit high on the list of priorities when organising your big day. Your photographer is in charge of capturing images of you and your other half looking your best, enjoying life with your friends and family; and maybe even some artistic shots at a location or in a style of your choice.

The relationship you have with your photographer will be a short-lived but important one. Do you feel at ease with them? Are they approachable? Can they cope with waiting for everyone in the bridal party to ‘fix themselves’ before taking the group shots?



The answers to these questions are probably all yes; but we decided to have a chat with professional photographers and get some top advice to help you couples on the road to finding your perfect wedding photographer.

Read on for some of their top tips and things you need to know before booking: What information do you need to give your photographer? What should you expect to get? What questions should you be asking them? What drives your lovely photographer mad and what do they need to know to ensure they provide you with the best service possible?

Meet Them And Give Them Information!

What information do you need to give your photographer?

Fine Art Wedding Photographer Donal Doherty said: “It’s essential to meet with your photographer in person, or if you’re getting married abroad, arrange a Skype call. Get a feel for the person and whether you click.

You will be spending your wedding day with this person and putting the responsibility of capturing your memories in their hands so make sure you get good vibes. A great way to find this out is with an engagement photo shoot. This will allow you some time together and you can evaluate the end result.”

Donal Doherty Photography


Be Clear And Direct

Professional photographer Tim Burrows said: “Do be clear about what you want, keep it simple. You can’t have every style of photo or your album will look like its done by 5 different people.

“Don’t forget the photographer is unlikely to know anyone at the event. So if you really want a photo with a particular guest you will have to organize that. The photographer won’t know who Aunt Mavis is or where to find her…The brides mother can be good at locating stray relatives.”


Get To Know Their Style – Their ‘Photo Flavour’

You can only achieve this through exchange of information!

Caroline McCracken at Living Len Photography said: “The best tip I can give from doing this job for a wee while is know your photographer and their style of photography. Make sure it is a good fit for you. You also both need to be able to get on with them as you are going to be spending at least a part of your big day with them.

“You want to feel relaxed and assured that you are going to end up with great pictures. That is why at Living Lens Photography I offer a FREE engagement photoshoot to all couples who book with me. They get to see my style of photography and I in turn get to see how they react in front of a camera, I know for a fact that this leads to far superior wedding pictures.”

Living Lens Photography

By Debbie Pielou, Excalibur Press

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