Thinking About Getting Married Abroad? Here Are The Pros & Cons

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Getting married abroad sounds like a dream, a perfect way to have a small wedding with guaranteed good weather.

But what do you really have to consider before booking that dream wedding in Italy? Check out our guide of the pros and cons to help you with your decision:

Pro: You are nearly always guaranteed sunshine. At home you could have 32 degree Wedding-Eve and wake up on your wedding day in 3 foot of snow, going abroad almost guarantees the sun will be shining for your special day.

Con: Not everyone will be able to go. With the costs of flights, hotels, spending money, food etc to take into consideration, this may be too steep for some guests; including family, to attend.

Pro: You and your groom will be getting married in a beautiful place that no one else in your family and friends circle has. You will be unique and envied.

Con: You are putting your complete trust in people what you probably will not meet until you land at your destination a couple of days before your pending nuptials. You may be met with a language barrier too so getting clearly across your instructions over the phone or via email could prove tricky.

Pro: You are straight on your honeymoon! You are in a glorious place with no stress of getting up after your wedding with a Prosecco headache to head to the airport to go on honeymoon. Relaxation begins straight away.

Con: You are on honeymoon with EVERYBODY. Your mum, your nan, your husband’s irritating cousin. They are all there and probably are going to be there for a good few days as they will make the most of having to fly out and turn it into a holiday.

Pro: Your photographs are going to be phenomenal. A stunning backdrop of a french chateau, a caribbean beach, old spanish ruins in a vineyard… it trumps everything you could have at home.

Con: Unless you are flying your photographer out, you again are trusting a person that you have not met, a person that you have only had a phone or email consultation with and haven’t been able to show your personality to so they can get the feel of what you want.

Pro: It can, if you do it right, actually work out cheaper than getting married at home. With having such a small wedding party compared to the maybe 100+ guests that you would have to invite at home, you could save money.

Con: Some countries will not actually legally marry you, you will have a gorgeous ceremony but it won’t be a legally binding marriage, you will have to have a trip to the local town hall to have a legal civil ceremony when you get home. Make sure you check before you book.

Pro: Local, rustic food and traditional music will be available to set your wedding apart. Take advantage of your location and indulge in local cuisine and flowers.

By Rebecca Armstrong, Excalibur Press