Top 7 Style Tips For Grooms In 2019

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Traditionally with weddings, much of the attention was on the bridal party and in particular what the Bride would be wearing on the big day. However, today it’s just as important that the groomsmen and indeed the Groom look well-styled and polished.

Most men think a tux is the ultimate go-to to look, but why not add a little more personality to your outfit instead of just opting for something stereotypical?

Here are seven top style tips for the Groom in 2019:

1. The Three-Piece

2019 is the year the three-piece makes a comeback. Creating a classy and poised look, the three-piece is an urban alternative to the traditional tux. With just a hint of confidence, you’ll be able to look charismatic without an extra ounce of effort. This is a great outfit for the evening celebrations too, as you can remove the suit jacket and still look very presentable with rolled up shirt sleeves. Dapper indeed.

2. Bright Colours

Summer weddings in 2019 of bound to witness bright and light colours in the groom’s outfits. Lively colours are great for those with the confidence to pull them off, and are a great opportunity for the groom to showcase his personality. Popular colours this year are burgundy, ink blue and purple tones.

3. Perfect Harmony

The outfits of the groom and groomsmen should be in harmony in terms of their colours and styles. However, the groom should stand out and this can be achieved through the fabric used for the groom’s outfit.

4. Mix And Match

An elegant trend is to mix and match, especially when it comes to black and blue tones.

5. Lively Patterns

Consider your personality when putting together your outfit. Make a bold statement with your tie, button hole, or even your socks, which would also make for some great photos. Florals and houndstooth are two excellent patterns.

6. Slim-Fit Suits

One of the most sought-after trends in recent years has been the slim-fit suit. This look is finished off with a straight leg to complete the charm of the outfit. This style is particularly dashing on a well built or athletic physique.

7. Celebrity Inspiration

Each season has a novelty, craze, or statement piece. If you’re a risk taker or like to stay on-trend look to the red carpet and celebrities for inspiration.