Top Tips For Creating Beautiful Homemade Wedding Favours

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Favours are a lovely thank you token to a guest at your wedding and Italians make very extravagant ones. Check out some Italian favour sites on-line for luxurious inspiration.

To get started try to think about particular skills you may have. Maybe you enjoy sewing, baking, creating chocolates or woodcrafting or some other craft such as cross stitch. Think of the possibility of using these skills as a base for your wedding favours, remembering how many guests there are. It will be easier to produce large amounts if it’s something you enjoy doing. With those skills you could produce lavender bags, cupcakes or biscuits, chocolate truffles, wooden keyring fobs or cross stitched bookmarks.

Choose your colours carefully, a blend of your bridesmaid’s dress colour, white or ivory to go with the brides dress and silver or gold highlights that tie in with the wedding colours are a classic fail safe choice. Silver, gold and rose gold used together are a recent popular choice too.

If choosing to have confectionery in a box or bag again reflect the wedding colours in the sweets, tissue paper, ribbons etc. You can’t go wrong with three co-ordinating shades. Be generous with your amounts of chocolate or confectionery, it will not cost too much more, but always looks more impressive. The same generosity applies to the amount of ribbons or trimmings. An extra couple of metres will not break the bank but a few centimetres on the length of a bow can add the wow factor.

A little touch of luxury does not have to be expensive. Luxury handmade soap, in a beautifully decorated box or home-grown lavender in a little cross-stitch bag, or made from luxurious material tied with gorgeous co-ordinating ribbon can be proper little treasures for guests to keep.

When labelling little bags/boxes try to think of your theme and how you can use it to give your favours the individual touch. A fun saying, a thank you or a quirky message such as “You were mint for me” or “They were mint to be” on a box of homemade chocolate mint creams can mean a lot.

Use Labels that are well printed and cut out, make sure there are no spelling mistakes and good straight lines. Choose a font that ties in with your wedding theme, either copy the font on your wedding stationery or choose a fun alternative. If you have a Star Wars or other theme the font or similar can be found on the internet and printed off.

These tips apply to other types of favours such as homemade jams, packets of seeds and little plants. Just use these hints for choosing colours and labels for finishing off and personalising your own homemade favours.

Most of all enjoy making the favours that will personalise your wedding and become a little keepsake of your big day for all your guests.