Top Tips For Looking Fab In Your Wedding Photos

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After all the planning that goes in to your wedding, you want to ensure it is captured beautifully by your photographer. However, posing for pictures doesn’t come naturally to everyone and as these photos are going to be special, it’s worth considering what makes a good image and also what not to do.
Here are the crucial things to think about while getting snapped on your special day.
Strike a pose
Practice posing before the big day to get comfortable with it, especially if you feel awkward getting your picture taken. Try angling your body slightly or crossing one leg in front of the other and placing your weight on your back foot. Relax and drop any tension from your shoulders and keep the stiffness out of your pose. Your photographer will guide you on the day, but some time getting used to it will help.
Relax and reset
If your dress is heavy, or shoes are pinching your feet, or the sun is too bright you may start to quint or tire. Feel free to ask the photographer to take a break and just pause so you can rest a moment.
It sounds obviously, but pictures often catch one person looking grumpy and think about how you are going to smile; will it be all eyes and teeth, or a more relaxed one. Remember though, a smile needs to reach the eyes otherwise it can look more like a grimace!
The camera tends to misbehave in certain light conditions and that reflects on how you look in the pictures. So, if you are going to opt for a spray tan keep it light and subtle so it’s not overemphasized in the photographs.
Stand tall
Think about your posture when you are getting the photographs taken. Keep your back straight and your shoulders down, especially if you are in a seated position so you don’t appear to be slouching.
Don’t give the death stare
Given the number of photos being taken, you will be caught blinking, or talking, or mid glare at something, but thanks to digital technology the photographer should spot some common problems while taking the pictures and can take a better once.
It is always good to have your favourite music play while getting captured on camera to help you loosen up and be natural. Let all the happiness and enjoyment of the day reflect in the photographs taken and remember to enjoy it.