Traditional Hair & Creative Dress – Traditional Dress & Creative Hair

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Feature Photo Credit: Mark Cheah

You might have already guessed by now that I’m not your conventional Bridal hairdresser. I love flexing my imagination and making hair magic. Every bride has their own individuality and I love nothing more than crafting the hairstyle to match.

“Traditional is so last year” that’s not saying it’s gone completely. There will always be traditional morals for hairstyles, Church/Chapel weddings and dresses. The one thing a bride never forgets on her wedding day, is the tradition of, ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.’  So there will always be a place for traditional.

Traditional hairstyles are being ‘up-styled’ and given a modern, alternative twist. Princess Buns, Barrel curls, French Rolls and tight fitted pin curls & waves are all being modified by Hairdressers “like me” and given a fresh alternative look.

I like thinking creatively and throwing in my own ideas,  like plaits.  Plaits are definitely a big hit with new Brides. We have Dutch braid, Waterfall braid and the Fishtail braid.  Personally, I love them all!


So why not mix things up a little!  Have you ever thought about using a alternative wedding dress and a traditional hairstyle or a traditional dress with an alternative hairstyle?  You should, the effect is amazing.

I did a shoot last year where I used a different coloured wedding dress, it was dust pink slink shimmer! I picked the simplest hairstyle of wand curls and left it down, it looked stunning in the photos.  Don’t believe me?  See for you self in this magical Fairy Tale shot below.

Photo Credit: Mark Cheah

Photo Credit: Moment D’or Photography

I have also worked with loads of Bridal companies, such as “Bella Bridal & Ultimate Dresses”, using traditional dresses, but in order to make the dresses stand out, I opted for a alternative hairstyle.  Using less pins and less hairspray, I created a more messy look, complementing it with a unique head piece.

Photo Credit: Kevin Carter Photography

Photo Credit: Kevin Carter Photography

Being alternative can look amazing no matter what it is, dress, venue, hair or jewellery.  I was the leading Hairstylist for Wicked Weddings alternative wedding catwalk on the 14th/15th of May this year. I was paired with Claire Garvey, a designer from Dublin Ireland.  Her dresses are amazing.  We created some absolutely fabulous looks, guaranteed to inspire and get your thinking.

I can’t wait for you to read blog 4 where I will be revealing the amazing pictures from back stage and some amazing hairstyles,  new Brides will be left in no doubt that being different is a good thing 🙂

Creatively Yours,

Jemma 💜

Creative Jemz