Turn a rainy day wedding to your advantage

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You’ve planned every single part of your wedding down to the finite details, but when it comes to Mother Nature, you don’t have a look in!

We’ve seen snow in March, rain in the July/August and wind storms in Autumn so I think we can safely say that this is one aspect of your wedding you’ll have no control over.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared!

A rainy day wedding doesn’t have to ruin your day, in fact it could be an opportunity to really take your wedding to the next level and use it to your advantage.

Forget about worrying whether your guests will get wet, they’re big and bad enough to look after themselves, start getting creative and planning what you could do if and when it does rain.

The important thing to remember is to not let it spoil your special day and to help you with that, we’ve a few rainy day pointers for you.


Talk to your Photographer

Make sure to ask your photographer if they know what to do in case it rains.  With the rain comes unique photograph opportunities, for example, getting a picture of your image reflecting in a puddle or through a window.  Wellie boots and umbrellas all serve as quirky props to help capture the fun in the rain.  Ask your photographer to go black & white with shots and pick out the colour of your boots.  There is no better lighting than a rainy day.  They are professionals so trust that they know what they are doing, no matter what the weather!

Think Waterproof

You may or may not need them but to be honest you are better looking at them than looking for them!  Buy wellie boots and umbrellas for you and your bridesmaids.  There are loads to chose from but this selection from Welly Warehouse and Tip Top Wedding Shop will give you the general idea.  EBay is an excellent place to start for a cost effective wedding umbrella. To protect your wedding dress on a rainy day the Rainaway Bride is just what you need.  It will give you an extra bit of peace of mind and ensure you arrive pristine to your ceremony whatever the day brings.  For £199.00 you’d need to be pretty sure it was going to rain!

Bring towels

Having a stash of a few large beach towels really can help if it starts to rain.  They are useful for wiping benches to sit on when the rain stops.  They can come in handle for wiping down surfaces that may be required for your photos!

Hair & Makeup

Although you will endeavour to avoid getting your hair and face wet, never say never.  Ask your hairdresser and make-up artist to take into account the rain and perhaps use waterproof or water-resistant make-up.  Make sure all of your eye wear is waterproof (mascara, eye-liner,) and that before you apply your eye shadow you use a primer to grab the shadow to make it last longer.  Having an essential make-up kit for touch ups is a must!

And last but not least…

Be relaxed

Trust your photographer and smile.  Don’t let anything stop you from celebrating, because at the end of the day, come hail, rain or shine, you are getting married to someone you love and that is what’s most important!