The Ultimate Clothing & Accessories Checklist For Grooms

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With much of the attention on the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses, hair, shoes and makeup, grooms can sometimes feel a bit lost when it comes to nailing their wedding day clothing and accessories. Maybe you’re unsure about what is expected of you appearance-wise, or perhaps you want to forget about tradition and wear whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable but are unsure where to start.

Either way, our Ultimate Clothing & Accessories Checklist For Grooms has it covered:

1. To Tux Or Not To Tux

The traditional wedding tuxedo is a popular choice that gives you a smart, sleek look and can also be pretty comfortable to wear all day, provided it’s fitted well in advance. For an all-in-one suit, the main thing you need to decide on is the style and colour – satin, cotton and suede are all great fabric options. In terms of colour, you can go for something that compliments the overall scheme, a stand-out shade that reflects your personality, or simply faithful old black.

Of course, a tux or suit isn’t the only option and there are no rules to say you have to wear one. If the look isn’t for you, consider your personal style and ways it can be jazzed up for the big day. This could include bespoke shirts, your favourite band jacket, or even fancy dress.

2. Jackets And Trousers

Mix up the traditional suit by combining separate styles of trousers and jackets. This makes for a more casual look that can be adapted to suit your own individual taste. A boxy blazer can be teamed with chinos, jeans…or even a kilt! Don’t be afraid to break out of the box with stripes, clashing colours or subtle patterns.

2. Shirts And Socks

If you’re opting for a shirt, either on its own or underneath a waistcoat, choose a colour you are comfortable with. This may or may not go with the colour scheme, or may simply be plain white, but the important thing is that you feel great in whatever it is you’re wearing. Socks are also something to consider – keep things simple with black or white, or add a personal touch by wearing an embroidered or comedy pair.

3. Waistcoats And Braces

Waistcoats are classic formal garments that are sure to smarten up any outfit. Choices range from black, grey and cream satin, to tweed, velvet or wool in a range of colours. Consider whether you would like to team a waistcoat with a tux or simply have it as the main focus – just bare in mind the weather! Braces are another stylish way to spruce up your wedding look and are a great alternative to a waistcoat.

4. Neck-wear

A tie, bow-tie, cravat or scarf can be a simple but effective way to complete a look. For more formal options, choose a skinny satin tie in a neutral tone, a tweed or checkered cravat, or a black, Batwing bow-tie. For more creative options, look into patterned wool scarves or funky, multi-coloured bow-ties. Your neck-wear can coordinate with the rest of your outfit or simply be a centre-piece all on it’s own.

5. Traditional Accessories

Cufflinks, buttonholes and pocket squares are all great traditional accessories that can tie together your look and add a special touch. The choices are endless: cufflinks can be vintage classics in gold or silver, personalised with initials, family heirlooms, or symbols of the things you love. Buttonholes and boutonnieres will make you stand out from the crowd on the day and you can opt for flowers, feathers or even a special pin. Pocket squares add an instant splash of colour to an otherwise plain outfit and can be as sleek or as flamboyant as you wish in terms of fabric, colour and pattern.

6. Not-So-Traditional Accessories

If the cufflinks-and-tie look isn’t for you, consider other elements that can set off your outfit. A quirky watch, a beaded bracelet or badges with your favourite quotes or bands on them are all great ideas to get you thinking.

7. Shoes

As with most of your wedding day dressing decisions, your choice of shoes comes down to whether you want to go for classic formal attire, smart-casual dress, or something different altogether. For traditional footwear, a shiny, lace-up black shoe is ideal. Other options are brogues, Chelsea boots, Toms or loafers. Choose a pair that is both comfortable and in accordance with your own style. Colour-wise, brown shoes go well with navy suits, while grey outfits look great with both black and brown. For a simpler look go for dark or neutral tones, or to liven things up, think about retro trainers or embroidered boots.

8. And If None Of This Appeals To You…

Break the rules! Wear whatever makes you feel good, and don’t be afraid to experiment or step out of your comfort zone. Consider your budget, theme and how you want to express yourself on the day and build your outfit around these factors.

By Abby Williams, Excalibur Press