Ultimate Guide for Planning a Stag Party

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Being asked to be Best Man is an honour bestowed on the person who the groom wants to be by his side on the biggest day of his life. It also means you’re in charge of organising a stag party he won’t forget.

It’s a big responsibility and requires some considerable though and planning, which can make you anxious if you’ve not done it before, so we’ve designed the ultimate guide to help you pull off a night to remember.

The whole situation can make you anxious. Not to worry, we can help you with that. Go through this ultimate guide and find out what’s required for such a party.


Location, location, location. Make sure the place you choose has everything you’re looking for, whether that’s home or abroad, to keep the stags entertained. Whether you’re planning a weekend filled with adventure or the ultimate pub crawl it pays to take time to make sure you surprise the groom with something unique that particular destination has to offer.

Know what the groom wants 

Remember the intention behind the party is to give the groom a night of fun he will enjoy, so it’s a good idea to know what he wants, but most importantly what he doesn’t want. The groom is likely to have been under a lot of stress with planning the wedding, so he’ll be ready to have fun with you and his friends.

For the sports fan

If the groom is a sport enthusiast, include sports related activities or arrange a friendly game between the stags. Remember there may be some guests who would rather watch so make allowances for them too.

Feed them!

Because bachelor parties are renowned for heavy alcohol consumption, it’s important to plan some food. Go somewhere that does the groom’s favourite food to prepare for the big night out.


There’s an emerging trend for bachelor parties to last a weekend or longer, rather than just one night. If you want to extend the quality time the stags spend together, look at packages which provide accommodation and entertainment, but keep costs affordable to all the groom’s friends can participate.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy it and celebrate the start of the groom’s new life in style.