The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Jargon

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Congratulations! The ring is firmly on your finger and you are ready to jump into the manic world of Wedding Planning.

But do you know your Boutonnières from your Bombonieres?

Here is our guide to help you at least pretend you know what’s going on:

Aisle Runner
The sweep of red carpet down the aisle for you to make your grand entrance on.

A fancy word for wedding favours.

Both are the same thing depending on how fancy you are. The buttonhole is the little collection of flowers on the groom and groomsmens lapel.

Sounds like a fancy sausage but is the strip of coloured material that goes around the grooms waist under his jacket.

The raised platform where the top table is.

A little sweet treat on the table for each guest to say thank you. Traditionally it is sugared almonds but it’s a good opportunity to be unique and personal.

A silhouette placed over a light to shine a picture or your initials.

Naked Cakes
Naked cakes are very popular at the moment, it is essentially a wedding cake without the fancy icing. With the sponge left exposed, it is usually decorated with fresh flowers.

There is a ‘moon’ for everything! The Planning-moon is that blissful time between first getting engaged and the first argument about colour swatches… Enjoy!

The music which plays as the bride walks down the aisle. Traditionally The Wedding March but Pachabel Canon in D is very popular. Personalise it with a special song between you.

The music that plays as you leave the ceremony.

Save The Dates
A heads up card to let your guests know to essentially save the date, sent after the venue is booked but before the actual invitations.

Sten Night
A combined Stag and Hen Night.

Not something the teenagers do… Swagging is the coloured drapes (usually white) that sway down from ceiling to floor, usually inside a gazebo

The layout of your top table. Depending on your taste it will be symmetrical with flowers and trinkets.

The Toss
This is where the the bride tosses her bouquet, they say the person who catches is will get married next.

Wedding Breakfast
Not breakfast. It is the sit down dinner after the wedding ceremony with all the speeches.

By Rebecca Armstrong, Excalibur Press