Valentine’s Day Proposals

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We have no doubt that come Valentine’s Day everyone’s newsfeeds will feature several incredibly romantic Valentine’s proposals. While the rest of us turn green with envy, we reluctantly congratulate you in your smugness.

To celebrate the most ramntic day of the year, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Valentine’s Day proposals. Feel free to print these out and leave them lying around has hints.


The Classic Valentine’s Dinner Date

Loads of couples love to get dolled up and head out for dinner on Valentine’s Day and why not? It’s a day to celebrate your love so why not spoil yourselves and do it in style? If you’re planning to ask your loved one “The Big Question” this Valentine’s, choose your setting with care. Don’t leave it until the last minute to make your reservation, plan in advance to avoid disappointment.

Don’t just pick anywhere, make sure the restaurant has a special meaning to you and your partner. Maybe it’s the site of your first date, or it’s his or her favourite, or it’s your special place. Either way make sure it is important, and well thought out, your future husband or wife will be sure to love it.

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The Romantic Night In

Keep things private and intimate for the two of you with a romantic night in. Light some candles, cook a nice meal, open a bottle of wine and get down on one knee. Your proposal and your marriage will be about the to of you, so why shouldn’t the proposal be just for you two aswell.


The Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

Surprise your loved one with a treasure hunt to the ultimate prize…the promise of forever! But they have to put some effort in first, as do you. Make at least 10 clues leading them eventually to the final destination, which is where you will pop the question. Some people like to be waiting there for their partner, whereas others prefer to let them find the ring themselves. It’s up to you what you want to do, every couple has different preferences, but either way he or she will be thrilled.


The Holiday Proposal

Maybe you’re both due a holiday or you already have one booked. Perhaps you have a Valentine’s break already booked and you feel inspired to pop the question. Either way, whisking your beloved away in order to propose will create the most romantic and special memory for both of you. So pack the ring, book the hotel and get excited.

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