I Did it My Way! The final pre-wedding update…

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It’s the final pre-wedding blog post from our blogger Vanessa Pope (cue the tears) before her big day in Spain! Getting married aborad brings a whole new level to orgaisation, so let’s find out for the last time, what Vanessa is up to this week… 

As the old song goes, “and now the end is near and I must face the final curtain” and facing this frankly ominous sounding final curtain I will do in little over a week – okay this was a bad metaphor for what is promised to be the happiest day of my life but let’s go with it!

Did it my way

As I write this, I have begun packing a suitcase. A great big fluorescent pink “look at me” (hey it was on offer in Penny’s) suitcase that will host all my earthly belongings – seriously, I’ve packed everything I own – as I make my way to beautiful Nerja to finally seal the deal with Mr Brady.

The dress is ready for transportation, the jewellery is tucked away and my boarding pass and passport are never out of arms reach. I’ve been so busy over the last couple of weeks, more busy than I could have thought possible, tackling all those last minute jobs that I thought I had plenty of time to do. I’m so worried I’m forgetting something I actually feel itchy and I’ve decided to put that down to nerves rather than the new body scrub I’m currently experimenting with. I feel like I’m constantly on the cusp of bursting into hysterical laughter or dissolving into sentimental tears. Your blogger is getting married people and I’ve never been so excited!

Nerves before a wedding

Let’s go over the rundown of what’s happening – on Tuesday the 6th September, I jet off to Spain where I’m told the weather is scorching at the minute. This is both good and bad news – good for the few days before the wedding when I am free to lie on a deckchair and empty my brain (it doesn’t take long) but bad for the wedding day when I have a very special dress to wear and may well want to dive into a cold shower wearing it. I do not mean to tempt the rain Gods of course – let it be known that all sunshine will be very well received.

The wedding itself not being until Saturday, the three intermittent days are to be spent “relaxing”. Notice the flagrant use of quotation marks – how on earth does a bride relax in the days before her wedding?? Well, let me tell you – I’ve booked myself and my bride slaves in for various beauty treatments. We’re having facials and massages, pedicures and manicures, tans and everything. By the time the wedding comes around we’ll look like three different girls altogether.

When we’re not having treatments, we’re to be on the beach, by the pool and not without a tall cold glass of something alcoholic and with twelve tons of sugar in it. There will also be a mission to try every variation of tapas the Costa del Sol has to offer – might it be too late to get the dress taken out?

Destination Wedding

Thursday is the rehearsal at the chapel which I’m fully aware will terrify me to the very core of my being – cue more tall cold glasses of something alcoholic. Thursday night we’ve promised ourselves a wee night out, nothing too mad you understand just a couple of quiet drinks in a local nightclub or some such. Establishments with a ‘two for one’ offer will be gratefully received. Ah there I go talking about what I wish would happen rather than what will actually happen again. Truth be told, I bet Thursday night will be a civilised dinner with a responsible glass of water before bed – makeup taken off of course.

Friday is “try not to think about what’s happening on Saturday day”! By that stage, I’m hoping that a zen-like cloud of ‘I don’t mind what goes wrong’ that I’ve heard envelops so many other brides will come down and give me a wee hug. Saturday is of course W-Day! I have many hopes for the 10 September – I hope it doesn’t rain, I hope I don’t fall at any point, I hope I remember that I speak English as my first language. I hope I look half decent. I really hope that everyone who joins us knows how much we will appreciate their being there. Okay, saving the tears for the day now!

As this whole process reaches its crescendo, I’m already thinking about what life will be like P.W. (Post Wedding) What will I fill my evenings with, now that I have no excuse to visit Pinterest? Will I ever watch ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ again? Will I ever eat a vegetable or visit a gym again in my lifetime? The answers aren’t clear. One thing is however – as much as I’ve enjoyed being a Fiancée, it’s time for me to be a wife. I’m ready for this wedding as anyone ever could be, bring it on, let’s be having you Spain!! I’ll see you all on the other side! x

The adventure begins