We Ask The Public – To Cover Or Not To Cover Tattoos At Weddings?

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I personally LOVE tattoos! I love that my partner has them and I love to pretend to have them using henna from time to time… although I would never be brave enough to do it myself.

Tattoos are pieces of art and hold a deeper meaning to those who have them. Therefore, asking someone to cover their tattoo is like asking them to hide a piece of themselves, and we must ask ourselves: is this ever appropriate?

We asked ten very different individuals their views on tattoos at weddings:

Sinead, 40, Derry/Londonderry

“Up to the bride I’d say. It’s her and her partners day, not anyone else’s. If had them I wouldn’t cover them. They’re art.”

Chris, 29, Co. Donegal

“Honestly, myself, I feel that if I had tattoos I certainly would not hide them at my wedding or anyone else’s wedding. If the place marrying me had an issue I would simply go elsewhere. If someone invited me then I would feel that they invited me for me and not tried to tell me what to do. If they did I would politely decline.”

Gemma, 34, Strabane

“It depends where it’s at, I have one at the top of my back and five in total. I would leave my tattoos uncovered if it came to it.”

Emma, 22, Portrush

“Uncovered all the way, it’s about free choice!”


Niall, 34, Co. Derry/Londonderry

“No. I don’t think they should be covered as they are there for a reason. Now I personally am not a fan of tattoos, but my wife has them, but has them for a reason. They all mean something to her, so to hide them would mean she wasn’t proud of them. So the answer is NO I don’t think they should be covered up.”

Patrice, 33, Lisnaskea

“Eh, yeah no bother. Maybe depending on the tattoo. My friend walked down the aisle with a big black tattoo on her arm and it was hideous looking. She wanted it covered herself!”

Kirsty, 30, Lifford, Co. Donegal

“As a bride with tattoos, and my mother who hates them, I did debate whether or not I should cover them. I had 4 visible tattoos at the time, in the end I decided not to cover them, as each of them had a meaning and it was a part of me. Although looking at photos now, I wish I had of covered the 3 on my wrists and kept the 1 I had done for (Jay) visible. So, in my opinion I guess I would say keep them visible as that’s what I had done.”

Barbara, 74, Letterkenny

“Tattoos are very much to the individual and if they are in a place that they feel they should cover up then it should be up to their own discretion, but they don’t have to if they don’t want to. A tattoo is reflective of someone’s personality, so they should be free to be themselves on their big day.”

Dominic, 26, Co. Donegal

“Uncovered because it’s part of that person’s style. Same way you wear your jewellery, people have tattoos for a reason, it’s not like the weddings gonna stop because of someone having tattoos.”

Fiona, 37, Co. Derry/Londonderry

“God, I don’t have a single tattoo, I think it’s really up to the individual. I know I am wanting a tattoo on my foot but said I didn’t want it to show at my wedding. Some peoples’ tats are awesome looking though, some are well naff!”

What do you think?

By Claire Louise McBride