Wedding Entertainment: 5 Things You Need To Consider

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Finding the right entertainment for your wedding is not a one-shoe-fits-all ordeal! It’s like trying to find the perfect meal for a room full of people with very different tastes. Taking a few preparatory steps could significantly reduce your wedding stress and reduce the risk of any big day disasters.

When finding the right entertainment for you here are a few things you need to consider:

wedding entertainment

1. Have you heard them play live?

Sometimes musicians can look the part online, but if you haven’t heard them play yourself you are taking a massive risk! The proof is most definitely in the pudding. Don’t just trust recommendations and feedback from friends, ALWAYS develop your own conclusion before booking and avoid problems later.

2. Equipment and sound check

Is their equipment reliable and will it play complication free on the night? Will they be supplying all the equipment themselves or will you need to pay additional for the sound system, disco lights, dance floor, etc? Make sure that the entertainment has access to the building at least the day before the event and a few hours before the performance and check yourself what they have covered. Where in the venue will the band play? Does it have access to electricity? If performing outdoors special equipment will be required, will they have this? Are the sound levels suitable for the room size?

3. The set list

Have you checked they will play all the songs you and your OH want to hear at your wedding? If not, make a list and request they play it for you, most bands won’t have a problem with this as long as the music isn’t too complicated and they have been given enough notice to learn the songs you want.

4. Price

Price should vary depending on certain things; how many people are in the band/entertainment, how experienced are they and how popular they are will all affect the price. Check the average going rate by getting quotes from other musicians and find out if they are worth their quote financially from other recommendations. Lastly, travel expenses may not have been included in the quote, check to see if this is something they will charge for later. Most importantly always remember: NEVER PAY A FULL FEE IN ADVANCE. By all means pay a deposit first, but do not risk losing your money to a sham band.

5. Reliable

This leads to the last point… How reliable are the entertainment and do you trust they will deliver on your big day? Communication between you and your entertainment is crucial, especially leading up to the big event! For this reason, keeping in contact with your entertainment not only ensures they are confident and prepared but reassures you that things will run like clockwork.

By Claire Louise McBride, Excalibur Press