Wedding Gifts: How to Ask For Cash

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Weddings can be very expensive, and lots of couples prefer cash gifts for their wedding present from guests, as opposed to items they may not need or want.

This is especially true if you have been living with your partner before your wedding day, as chances are you have already purchased many, if not all, of the items you need for your home.

Some couples have quite direct personalities, and in that case many friends and family members will likely not be surprised at the direct approach when asking for cash gifts!

But for others, asking for cash instead of a gift can feel awkward or embarrassing, and you may be afraid of causing offence.

If that’s the case, try our tips below:

1. Use Humour

Using humour can ease the pressure of asking for cash as a gift – include a funny poem or limerick in your wedding invitation so guests get the message in a lighthearted way. If you’re a whiz with words you could try your hand at writing your own, more personalised verse, otherwise, here are a few of our favourites:

We have gadgets and gizmos aplenty,
We have towels and crockery galore,
Think we need wine glasses? We’ve got 20!
So for our wedding gift, we need no more.
While your presence on our day is enough,
And we really don’t need any more stuff,
Don’t think about shopping or making a splash,
Because you see, there’s always the option of cash!

We’re sending you this invitation,
In hope you will join our celebration.
If a gift is your intention,
May we take this opportunity to mention?
We have got a kettle and a toaster,
Crockery, place mats, and matching coasters.
So rather than something we’ve already got,
We would appreciate money for our Dream Pot.
But most importantly, we request,
That you come to our wedding as our beloved guest.

We know it’s traditional to write a gift list,
But in this case there is a slight twist.
Our home is complete with the usual stuff,
And the things that we have are quite enough.
Our dream is to honeymoon in a foreign land,
Walking along the beach hand in hand.
We hope you don’t think that we’re being rude,
And that our request is not misconstrued!
A contribution to our honeymoon pot,
Would be appreciated such a lot.
But the most important thing to say,
Is we love you and can’t wait to see you on our big day!

2. Explain What It’s For

When asking guests for a cash gift, they’ll probably feel happier parting with cash if they know what it’s for. Whether you decide to use humour or not, let your guests know what it is that you are saving for (no matter how functional or boring!), so they’ll understand why you are asking for money as a gift, it can be anything from a honeymoon, to a deposit for a new home or car, to buying a new boiler if your old one has gone on the blink.

3. Have a Point of Contact

Sometimes it’s easier if you don’t have to ask directly. Nominate a point of contact who you know will be polite to any guests who enquire as to what gift to get you – a parent of the bride or groom, or other member of the wedding party is usually a good idea. They can direct anyone who enquires to an online service you have set up such as Buy Your Honeymoon or Patchwork, or explain that you will have a Wishing Well, Moneybox, Top Hat, or other creative item at the wedding for small cash donations.

4. Go for a Mixture

You know your wedding guests better than anyone else. If Aunt Mavis is very traditional and likely to kick up a fuss, have a small gift registry for individuals who prefer to buy a gift and definitely don’t want to donate cash. There’s usually always something needed for a household, so you should be able to put together a meaningful list of items to keep everyone happy.

By Rachel Doherty, Excalibur Press