Wedding Hair: 5 Top Tips For Grooms To Be

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You have the suit, cufflinks, shoes…but what about the hair? It can be easy to forget about, but your hair is what will finish off the look for your big day. It can be easy to just mess it up in the hopes of making yourself presentable, but considering the effort your partner will probably have gone to for the big day, this laissez faire approach probably won’t gain you many brownie points!

Check out these 5 top hair tips for Grooms-to-be:

1. Pick a style

One of the good things about the amount of time it takes to plan a wedding is that you will have plenty of time to consider what to do with your hair. Book a consultation with a local barber and discuss with them the current styles that are in trend, but if you are having a themed wedding (such as vintage) ask them about bespoke hairstyles. The barber will most likely review the styles which will compliment you and your desired look.

Ensure you have the initial consultation with time to grow your hair, as your desired style might require more length than you currently have, and this ensures that you have time to get used to the new length and look and be comfortable with it on the big day.

2. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

It can be daunting when you walk into a shop and see the vast variety of shampoo and conditioners available, but it is important to know what is best to clean and condition your hair so it is looking its best on the wedding day, or any other day for that matter! If in doubt, ask your barber for their suggestion and they will know what is best for your individual hair type to prevent you from being too oily or too dry.

3. Hair washing…more than usual?

Everyone’s hair is individual to them – it grows at different rates, and produces natural oils at different rates and so the natural cycle of when to wash your hair will vary naturally, more so if you are into exercising and thus sweat more than those who don’t. On average, most men wash their hair every 2-3 days; however, if you have thin hair this might be every 1-2 days and for those with thick or curly hair you can potentially get away with waiting longer than 2+ days.

4. What about facial hair?

Facial hair is simply a case of trial and error. It can be difficult to assess your beard growth – was it day 2 or 5 that gave you the ideal stubble look? Practice shaving and letting your hair grow, noting how long on average it takes for you to reach the optimum level of growth that is ideal for your wedding day. Of course, a bearded groom is also a handsome look; however, if yours is unruly, wiry, or unclean looking it can ruin the rest of a well-planned look. To ensure optimum beard upkeep, trim your beard weekly in the run up to the wedding.

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5. Nailing the Clean Shave

Finally, if facial hair isn’t your preferred look, a straight razor will give the cleanest shave, and provide a clean, sharp look for your wedding day. Consider booking in for a professional hot towel shave, but remember to discuss your speed of growth and proneness to irritation with the barber on booking so that you know whether to book for a week or a day before the wedding.

By Felicity McKee, Excalibur Press