Wedding Traditions

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Wedding traditions can be both beautfiul and extremely annoying. Some see wedding traditions as a right of passage, a bit of fun, and something nice to do on, and in the run up to your big day. While others see them as a massive inconvenience and something outdated and irritating.

But what are the meanings behind some of the wedding traditions that we still maintain today? Why do we wear engagement rings? Why is there an idea of something old, something new? Why should the bride stand to the left of the groom?

Well we often found ourselves wondering about the origins of these wedding traditions, as guest, as brides and as bridesmaids. So we thought that we’d use this very pretty infographic from Glitzy Secrets to help explain some of the meanings behind some of our most loved wedding customs.

Why do we wear engagement rings? – An engagement ring is a symbol of a promise to marry your partner, and is traditionally worn by a woman to show that the lady is spoken for. It is tradiationally worn on the thrid finger of the left hand.

Something Blue – Blue symbolises faithfulness, loyalty and purity.

Throwing the Bouquet – The bride throws the bouquet and all the single women in attendance try to catch it. It is said that the person to catch it will be the next one to marry.