Wedding Transport: Creating a Fail Safe Plan

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You’ve booked your venue, you’ve chosen your menu, you’ve sent out your invitations and you’ve got the RSVPs back. Now you just need to figure out all how you’re all going to get there.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with this fail safe guide to organising the wedding transport so that neither you nor anyone else is all dressed up but with no one to take you there come the big day:

Book early

You should try to book your transport — for you and your guests — around four months before the day itself. The earlier, the better. If you’re getting married in a season such as graduation, which is when lots of people will want high-class transport, book even earlier.

Decide who to transport

When it comes to wedding transport, normally the couple put on transport for the VIPs in the group. Often, this means the couple themselves, their parents, the bridal party, siblings who aren’t in the wedding party and the grandparents. If you’re not sure who to transport, consider your budget. You can put on a shuttle bus for the rest of the guests if you’re worried they won’t be able to make it to the various parts of the celebration.

Plan out the different routes

You’ll need to think about how you’re all getting to the ceremony, to the wedding reception and from the wedding reception. Make allowances for any potential delays or times when there might be lots of traffic on the road. You may wish to organise some carpooling as well to help everyone get back and forth. Just make sure everyone knows the arrangements.

Plan your arrival time

Go for a test drive over all the different routes to figure out how long it will take you to arrive at each venue. Plan your pickup time so you can arrive 15 minutes at the ceremony. Then plan backwards from there: ceremony minus 15 minutes to get ready (or more if you’re getting ready on the site); minus drive time to the venue; minus 10 to 15 minutes to get guests in the cars or shuttle bus.

Calculate the costs

Often, transport companies will charge by the hour and will expect you to hire the transport  for a minimum time period at least. Ask different companies about their rates and work out if it’s worth them keeping them at the venue or just to return later. Calculate the costs from the moment the car(s) arrives to pick you up to the end of the reception. Make allowances as well for any tipping.

Get everything in writing

Don’t agree everything verbally and leave it at that. Get everything in writing so that you and the car company are clear on the main details. This should include dates, times and locations for pick-up and drop-off points; the type of car and number of cars the company will provide; the number of hours you’re hiring each car for; any amenities supplied; the cost, including petrol and mileage; any overtime fees or extras; the deposit; and any cancellation and refund policies. Be clear on all of these.

By Peter Jenkins