Wedding Venue: The Ultimate List of Questions You Need To Ask Before Choosing

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You’re getting married! They’ve  popped the question, the date has been set and the excitement is building. Now it’s time to choose the perfect venue for the most important day of your life! Where you have your wedding reception and ceremony will be something you remember forever.

Therefore, it is so important to choose the perfect wedding venue, so people will remember it for years to come. You want something meaningful and beautiful to suit your style of wedding. We’ve created an ultimate list of questions you’ll need to ask before choosing that very all important and special venue.


Does your wedding have a special theme? We want our special day to have an overall, “feel” to it. Choose a wedding venue that will suit your theme. If you’re going for a Rustic theme then look for places that will suit this, think of indoor and outdoor spaces such as barn venues, ranches or farms. If your theme is a bit more magical and romantic, then perhaps look for venues that are elegant and traditional like a church or a sophisticated hotel. Just remember to match the wedding venue to your theme think of what the best space either indoors or outdoors is to suit your wedding overall, “feel”.


Thinking of eloping or shipping half the family across the pond for your special day? Think of your guests and who can travel. If you’re dreaming of a Caribbean sandy white beach but the mother of the Bride’s passport has expired, it won’t be very convenient for you. You will need to contact foreign authorities and get confirmation for the wedding. Passports, travel visas and nearby accommodation for your guests will also have to be thoroughly explored. If your venue is on a beach, make sure the guests are wearing proper clothing attire and make sure to let all your guests know in advance.


Your guests matter. After all they are there to witness the coming together of family or close friends tie the knot, therefore, it’s important to keep them in consideration for when choosing a venue. You will need to consider how big your guest list is as your venue must be able to hold the number of guests you have invited. Don’t choose too small a space for a big guest list as your guests will be uncomfortable for the duration of the wedding. Call the venue ahead before you invite all your guests to see how many people can fit in their venue this will give you enough time to either sort another bigger or smaller venue. You may also have guests who are disabled or who need special assistance or requirements to access the venue you have chosen. Ring the chosen venue well in advance to make sure these requirements are put in place or available.


If your venue offers in-house catering make sure you find out the options. Make sure to ask if they can do special dietary requirements or vegan/ vegetarian foods for those guests who need this. If you do not wish to make use of the in- house catering, then ask the venue if there is restrictions on certain foods the venue will allow. There are a lot of questions and things to consider when choosing the right venue for your special day. Chances are you’ll know as soon as you walk in the venue if it is the right fit for you! Once the venue is confirmed, the real fun can begin!