#WeddingHashtags: The Pros & Cons

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Wedding hashtags are becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to publicize your big day on Instagram or Twitter and share the fun across the web. But is it the right decision for you as a couple? Before jumping on the hashtag bandwagon, weigh up your options and decide whether it will help express who you are as individuals.

Here are 8 pros and cons of wedding hashtags:


1. Spreading the love

Hashtags are a great way for quickly and easily spreading all the great moments from your wedding day. You can pretty much make it a searchable public event, which is also nice for those who couldn’t make it due to illness or living abroad.

2. Guest involvement

Many people have Instagram and Twitter these days, so lots of your guests will enjoy getting involved by sharing photos with the hashtag throughout the day. It’s a fun way to bring your guests together and get them to participate in the celebrations.

3. Leave your mark

A unique hashtag lets you personalise the day and add some of your own personal humour. Everything that goes online is technically immortalised, so if you are okay with that then it is a cool way to leave your mark.

4. See the parts you missed

Since guests will be getting involved in sharing the hashtag, you’ll be able to search for it online and check out the day’s events from different angles. You may see special parts you missed and all the great individual memories people shared on the day.



1. It’s the latest fad

Wedding hashtags are the latest ‘thing’, which means they could easily go out of style. You don’t want to look back and cringe at your choice of hashtag, or the fact that you joined in with something simply because it was the ‘thing that everyone was doing’ at the time.

2. Phone use

Choosing to use a hashtag will inevitably increase the use of phones and other devices at your wedding. This could actually have the opposite effect of bringing people together – because they’ll be glued to their screens! Camera flashes during key moments may at best be irritating, and at worst could ruin some of your photos.

3. Keeping it private

The act of putting our personal lives online is something that has increased massively over the last ten years or so. If you want to maintain some privacy or intimacy, using a hashtag could take away from this. Your wedding day images may be available to view across the world, so unless this is what you want then it’s important to consider as it can’t be ‘undone’.

4. Your hashtag might already have been used

There’s also a risk your hashtag has already been used, which will make it harder to find on Insta or Twitter. It could also result in your images being mixed up with someone else’s.

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