From The Weird To The Wonderful: The Best Of Themed Weddings

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Themed weddings can be the most fun to attend and allow the bride and groom to add their personalities to the big day. Yet, there have been some truly one of a kind themed weddings that have inspired other couples to do something a little different.

From fun-filled themes, to those that aim to bring everyone together and those that are just plain bizarre, there’s something out there for everyone.

There’s nothing stopping you from creating your own theme from scratch and hosting a wedding unlike any other in history.

Whether you’re looking to create your own themed wedding or just want to see what’s out there, here are 6 of the most astonishing and amazing…

1. Childhood Fun
Your wedding day is set to be the best day of your life so why not create a theme that remembers some of the most fun times of your life to that point? Including bouncy castles and children’s games, this is one way to lower your inhibitions with or without alcohol. It’s sure to be a nostalgic experience, especially for couples who met at a very young age. It’ll also be suitable for any of your younger guests.



2. Character Inspirations
If the guests, bride or groom have a particular shared interest for a set of characters, why not embrace that at the wedding? Superheroes are a great way to bring people together, bonding over who their favourites are and the best comics and films. Other options could include characters from hit TV shows, books, films, celebrities or games. It’s been known for many a Beyoncé fan to have a wedding…



3. Disney
When the princess and prince come together in any romantic Disney film, it’s a magical moment. So, of course, a Disney inspired wedding is set to be just as fantastic. By finding the perfect out-there dress, adopting a unique form of transport, and getting your guests in on the fun, it can make a wedding day incredibly memorable.



4. Historical
Obsessed with a particular time period or having your wedding at a historical location? Some people have been known to hold Victorian-inspired celebrations, or anything from the Vikings to Renaissance fairs. It’s a great way to take you and your loved ones out of this world on your special day.



5. Music
Whether it’s focussed on a genre of music or a particular band or artist, a music inspired wedding solves many planning decisions. For one, your playlist is pretty much decided! Music weddings often have a lively atmosphere and with everyone sharing a love for the songs they are bound to dance the night away



6. Spooky Weddings
Yes, it might seem hard to believe, but spooky weddings do exist! Usually held around the time of Halloween, spooky weddings sometimes take place in cemeteries and instead of white, the bride tends to wear black. So many decorations can make this theme exciting, including pumpkins, fairy lights and masks.


By Jessikah Hope Stenson, Excalibur Press

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