What Does My Page Boy Do? 5 Jobs For The Boys

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He is the little man in your life and he knows he has a very important job to on your big day, but what exactly is it? Apart from looking ridiculously cute, what jobs can your Page Boy do to help you out as you walk down the aisle?

Back in the day, Page Boys would have carried your train down the aisle but as that has shifted to Flower Girls or just owning it yourself, other jobs for the boys have been made.

Here are 5 tasks you can assign to your Page Boy:

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1. Ring Bearer

A very important job for the little men. With Page Boys being usually between the ages of 2-11, this may send a wave of terror though you. Rings are a lot of responsibility for little hands so this is a good job for the boys on the older ages on the scale. If you only have younger ones, perhaps send him up with an empty box on a pillow for the Best Man to receive who will have the rings (hopefully) safely in his pocket.

2. Petal Sprinkling

Send your boy ahead of the bridesmaids to sprinkle rose petals or confetti along the aisle for your grand entrance. It’s good for the young ones as its messy and fun but everything you need.

3. Accompany the Flower Girls

Like a mini bride and groom, your Page Boy can take the hand of your Flower Girl and walk her down the aisle. The cuteness overload will make your guests ooh and ahhhh, all ready for your grand entrance.

4. Order of Service

A great job for your Page Boy, both younger and older. Situated at the door as your guests arrive, they can hand out your Order of Service as the guests enter and find a seat.

5. Seating

A good task for your older Page Boy. Some Bridal Parties still like the tradition of seating each family on separate sides, leaving an ideal job for your more mature young man to decipher who they belong to and where to go. If you are more relaxed, and want to have your seating mixed, your Page Boy can help with the ushers to get everyone to sit evenly on both sides, mixing with each other throughout.

By Rebecca Armstrong