What’s Your Shape?

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Every bride wants to look her best on her big day. Having a perfect dress, shoes and jewellery are all top of the list. However choosing a perfect do to top it all of is not as straight forward as selecting one you like from the internet. When deciding on your hair do for your big day, it is important to take into consideration the shape of your face.

Face shape is generally divided into five basic shapes:

Oval: the width of your face is less than the length of your face. Harsh corners are at a minimal along the hair or jaw line.

Round: This is one of the easiest to determine. A round face will be roughly the same width, around the cheekbones, as the length. You will have a soft jawline with no obvious corners.

Heart: Heart shaped faces have a wider forehead and cheekbones. The face then thins out towards the chin.

Long: A long face will be narrow and generally cheekbones are prominent. The face will be longer than the width.

Square: The jawline and forehead are wide and are similar in size. This creates obvious corners to the face.

NWB Tip: Standing in front of a mirror, take a bar of soap and draw around your face reflection. This can help you establish the shape if you are struggling.

So what will suit you?

Oval face

Oval face shapes will suit almost any do out there. As cheekbones are the widest part of your face you can go for a sleek and clean look which will highlight your features perfectly, for example a sleek ponytail, the soft hairline will keep it from looking harsh again your wedding dress. Another perfect style for oval faces is a textured bun, quite high on the head with some loose strands left to fall around the ears and eyes. If you are not a fan of the traditional bridal style then this is much more soft and fresh and perfect with a wavy texture through the hair.

Celebrity inspiration: Beyoncé

Image Source: www.factmag.com

Image Source: www.factmag.com

Round face

A great style for a round face is any which creates volume to the top of the head. Creating volume in this way and having sleek sides and neckline will balance the face and give the illusion of an oval face. This style would be perfect along with a sweet heart neckline gown, highlighting all the beauty of the décolletage. Similarly a beehive would suit as again, it creates volume drawing the eye upwards.

Celebrity inspiration: Mila Kunis

Photo Source: deadline.com

Photo Source: deadline.com

Heart face

Heart shaped faces tend to have a wider forehead. An easy way to balance this is to add a fringe. A salon blow dry to smooth and gloss the hair will add the glamor required for your big day. Alternatively layered short hair with a light wave or a large bun to the base of the neck will add some volume around a slim jawline and a soft side fringe will balance the forehead.

Celebrity inspiration: Naomi Campbell

Photo Source: www.cnn.com

Photo Source: www.cnn.com

Long face

A perfect style for a Longer face is half-up half-down. Try to stay away from to much volume to the top of the head. Rather look to have some detailing to the crown and adding a curl will add width. This style is also perfect for fitting a veil. The classic chignon will also work for a longer face. Again this style will draw the hair back to the crown rather than detail on the top of the head. A soft, eye-skimming fringe will break up the face and add perfectly to the look.

Celebrity inspiration: Angelina Jolie

Photo Source: mirror.co.uk

Photo Source: mirror.co.uk

Square face

The main aim for a hair style on a square face is to soft the angles around the jaw and hairline. Adding a curl to the hair will create shape and movement and graduated layering will create a softer frame to the face. An alternative up do for a square face would be an over sized bun creating some length to the face. However key to this look would be a soft wispy fringe to prevent the look becoming to sharp. Our favorite look for a square face however has to be waves waterfalling down one side. This look creates movement and is a perfect compliment to a square face.

Celebrity inspiration: Jennifer Lopez

Photo Source: indianexpress.com

Photo Source: indianexpress.com

Here is a gallery of NWB’s 14 favourite hairstyles for 2014, remember to match the style to your face shape. 😉


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