What to Consider When Making Your Pets Part of the Wedding

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Furbabies are integral part of many people’s lives and some couples can’t image spending the best day of their lives without them.

However, to ensure both your beloved pets and get through the day, it’s worth incorporating their attendance into the day’s schedule.

Always maintain a safe distance between guests and the pets

You love your pets more than anything. But, the majority of the guests won’t be familiar with them and you can’t expect your pet to love everyone unconditionally or stay silent. No matter how placid your pet maybe on a normal day, will lots of unfamiliar people and a strange surrounding, their behaviour may be unpredictable.

Make sure that the venue is pet-friendly

Always ensure you have received permission from your venue to have your pets included in your big day as may places serving food will operate a pet free zone. Getting this authorisation ahead of the event will save a lot of trouble on the day. Availability of water should also be checked.

Make sure they’re comfortable 

If your pets are going to feature in the day, make sure the proceedings are altered to suit their involvement and it doesn’t involve them being kept retrained or in a closed environment for too long.

Speak to the photographer

Talk to your photographer about including your pets so they can plan fun photos of the happy couple and their beloved pets. An experienced photographer will know how to capture precious moments without causing your pets any distress. Having your furbabies there for the special day gives you the opportunity to capture some wonderful photographs.


Look online and there are a range of bespoke outfits, neckties, and jackets for your pets and a whole range of accessories for weddings, however your pet’s comfort is the most important. Also consider other accessories you might need on the big day such as poo bags, water bowls, chew toys, and treats for the venue.

Know your pet

It might be a grand idea to have your dog as ring bearer but think about it practically; will they enjoy the experience or are they likely to full the stuffing out of the cushion. Will being the centre of attention something they would enjoy, or would it cause unnecessary stress? These are things that need to be considered in the planning stage.

Train them well

Weddings are all about preparation and planning, and if you’re including animals in your big day then it increases the need for it. If you’ve decided to give your pet a starring role in the proceedings, make sure they are well trained fort the task and be relaxed about it not going to plan.


If you feel being included in the event might be too stressful for your furbaby then acknowledge their importance in other ways. Have a special photo included on the top table, add their picture to your wedding website, or include them with the bride and groom cake topper for the wedding cake.