What Your Honeymoon Choices Say About Your Personality

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When you think of honeymoons you may think of secluded white sandy beaches, however, a quiet beach holiday isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Try to book a honeymoon that reflects your personalities. Your honeymoon is meant to be the holiday of a lifetime but if your idea of paradise is a secluded log cabin in the woods, then go for it. Don’t try to keep up with the Jones’ when planning your first time away together as a married couple.

NW Brides takes a look at what your honeymoon choices say about your personality:

The Adrenaline Junky

You laugh in the face of danger and thrive on taking risks. You have probably booked a honeymoon filled with parachute jumps, sea dives and abseils. Hopefully your partner is equally as adventurous or there may be some compromises ahead! Think white-water rafting in Australia or swimming with sharks in South Africa.

The Beach Loungers

You like to feel relaxed when you holiday. You probably have a hectic schedule in your working life and like to kick back and enjoy the view when you have the time off, and what’s wrong with that? Indulge your inner slacker and relax with the one you love in one of our world’s beautiful beaches – Hawaii, the Maldives or Greece would be perfect.


City Slicker

You’re a cool character, you thrive on the buzz of a big city and would probably get bored lying on a beach. You are a bit of a night owl and enjoy cities with great nightlife – you’d probably rather be a night club than a spa. Cities like Berlin and Madrid would be your cup of tea.

Culture Vulture

As long as there are museums, galleries and theatres, you’re happy. You like the finer things in life and tend to be a bit of a deep thinker. You like to sample a country’s culture when you visit and are more likely to be seen in the ‘Old Town’ than the modern tourist areas. Ideal honeymoon spots include Rome, the Czech Republic and Vienna.

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The Intrepid Explorer

As long as you’re on the move, you’re happy. You like to take holidays off the beaten track and probably wouldn’t stay in the regular tourist haunts. Just make sure your partner is on board before you book that hike into the wilds of Africa. Peru, Japan or New Zealand are perfect exploring destinations.

The Pampered Soul

You like to feel pampered on a daily basis, so your honeymoon is the chance for you to go all out on luxury. You’ll probably have your spa treatments booked before you even arrive to your 5-star hotel…and why not? A retreat in Bali would be your ideal honeymoon experience.

The Music Lovers

You’re most at home at gigs and music festivals, in fact you probably met your partner there. Music is an important part of your life and memories, and you would want to include that in your honeymoon. You’re most likely to rent a camper-van to take a tour of your favourite festivals, or avail of ‘Glamping’ opportunities so you can feel pampered while you both see your favourite bands. Glastonbury, here we come!

By Jennifer Warnock, Excalibur Press