Where to go on Honeymoon

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CHOOSING where to go on honeymoon can be fun. And, it is one item on your to-do-list that your fiancé will only be too happy to get involved with. Just think, after months of stressing – picking the dress, liaising with the hotel, trying to decide who and who not to invite – now you will finally have a chance to unwind and spend time with your new hubby.

As for where to go, this largely comes down to budget, and what you are after. Wherever you choose, remember that the further you go, the more time you will need for travelling.

When it comes to spending, don’t feel guilty about being extravagant. This is your honeymoon and you are unlikely to spend as much again. That said, be realistic. As for destination, there are several honeymoon hotspots where romance is well and truly alive.

Up there with the best is the Maldives which offers seclusion and the opportunity to enjoy nature in all of its glory. Newlyweds can go diving or snorkelling or lie on a quiet beach surrounded by the calming waters of the Indian Ocean.

In Dubai, enjoy the perfect blend of relaxation, indulgence and cultural awakening with a modern city and a beach resort rolled into one. Thailand offers elegant spa resort hotels, superb cuisine, luscious tropical scenery and breathtaking beaches.

The Seychelles also promotes natural beauty and the chance to capture sights such as cerole houses, artists studios, national reserves and marine parks. Malaysia allows couples to traverse between its rejuvenating beaches and spas and the vibrancy and excitement of its cities.

If you opt for South Africa, you are likely to be thinking of going on safari or exploring Cape Town.

Head to St Lucia and aside from its spectacular beauty, you can enjoy activities including diving, yachting and golf as well as beachside nightclubs and seafood restaurants.

A Bahamas honeymoon promises to be indulgent and idyllic with the clearest water, swaying palms, blue skies and tropical landscape with luxury hotels, spa, dining, water sports and golf

Go to Barbados and you can opt to spend time in a tranquil beach paradise in the north west or go for the more livelier beaches of the south and west if you prefer dancing and sampling cocktails.