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Your honeymoon is an important holiday. Relaxing and recuperation after the busy build up and excitement to your big day is important in the transition back into normality. James is taking us through some of their options this week so it’s over to him… 


Catherine and I would consider ourselves quite well traveled. Between us we have been almost everywhere. As the wedding plans have gone on and decisions have been made there is one topic that we simply cannot decide on, the Honeymoon. We have a funny thing where almost simultaneously we look at each other, think it together, and say “Problem for Future James and Future Catherine?” to which we both nod and agree to let our future selves deal with it.

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There are a couple of options that we keep coming back too…


We have lived here all our lives however there are parts of our own country that we have never seen. Although we have the gift of the gab, I have never been to kiss the Blarney Stone in Cork and neither of us have seen the cliffs of Moher where parts of ‘Lord of the Rings’ was filmed. Although Catherine has been to see some of the sets to ‘Game of Thrones’ I would love to go too. This would be a grand idea for a Honeymoon however since it is supposed to be our “once in a lifetime” holiday and is so significant, I feel we should push the boat out a little bit.


You can’t push the boat out any more than a cruise. Originally Catherine and I were all set for going on a cruise with Catherine’s family. For Rosemarie’s birthday and her and Liam’s 30th wedding anniversary (The same week as me and Catherine’s wedding, you’d almost start to think I planned all this stuff to happen!) We were all supposed to be heading for a Mediterranean Cruise. The family cruise was off. So it would almost be fitting that we go on one for our Honeymoon. Mediterranean, Caribbean, Icelandic, there are loads to choose from. My only issue with it is I am not sure how well we land lovers would handle the open seas and I don’t fancy spending the whole honeymoon port side feeding the fishes.


Sun, Sea and Strawberry Daiquiris. It is many peoples idea of heaven heading off to warmer climates for a relaxing vacation. Catherine and I went to Santa Ponza in July 2013. It might make me sound like an old fogey, after the bars there was very little to be doing, mostly it was young’uns drinking too much and making a wild racket. We really enjoyed our time there however we are not sun worshipers and we like to have a good balance of relaxation and activities. (note from Catherine – what James means by a “good balance” is that he can do the activities and I can do the relaxation!)



This option has been our “go-to holiday” over the plan making. Florida keeps popping up. As I mentioned we have both spent time in America. I have lived in California and Catherine is no stranger to Texas, plus last month she went to Las Vegas for her job.


I have always wanted to see the pyramids. It is defiantly a bucket list item for me. That being said I feel that I could knock that out in a day. It would be like National Lampoons Vacation,

“Admire, admire, admire… OK let’s go!”

Even without taking into consideration the unrest in the country, it doesn’t seem to be a place I’d like to stay for an extended amount of time.

Basically we would appreciate your input. Do not hesitate in posting a comment on the North-West Brides Facebook page or get us directly on twitter, @nwbrides, @cittiecait or @jamesdoon85 Any advice on where you think would be nice for us to go would be appreciated. Even places that you have enjoyed yourselves. It’s about time Future James and Future Catherine make a decision. We will definitely do a post on the destination we choose.

Get in touch folks. 🙂 Next week we have some music to consider. 🙂