Why not try a themed wedding

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IN recent years themed weddings have become an increasingly popular choice for weddings in Ireland.

themed wedding

Having a theme for your wedding day can help to bring all the elements of your wedding together and it can be as subtle or as bold as you want it to be.

There are many themes which are simple to achieve such as picking your colour scheme and incorporating those into different aspects from the invitations to the bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen’s colours and the decoration of your wedding venue.

From seasonal themes like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas to romantic themes like Cinderella, Romeo and Juliet, and Butterflies, themes do everything from uniting colours, cake choices, and favours to helping set a mood and showcasing a couple’s personality.

And while fairies and baby pink may be perfect for one couple, another might prefer leather and Harley Davidson motorcycles. The sky is the limit with themes; couples are only held back by their own imaginations.

A traditional couple may want to go with a February 14th wedding date, a red, pink, and white colour scheme, and a three-tiered white cake with ivory butter cream icing. This may not be your particular picture of your dream wedding. Perhaps you would prefer a superhero themed wedding, maybe a Harry Potter or Twilight themed or indeed even a football themed wedding for the sports enthusiasts out there.

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Whatever you can dream up can be incorporated into your wedding day. Themes add an additional element of fun to a wedding. Themes can unite ideas, control a mood, and help with the decision-making process. With the millions of possibilities that abound in wedding planning, having a cohesive theme can simplify even the largest of weddings by breaking things down into simpler steps.

Whatever your style; be it elegant, classy, sporty, romantic, or quirky, you can find a theme that uniquely suits you and your fiancé perfectly, making your most special day distinctly yours. Weddings with themes can go the extra distance to make even the smallest budgeted wedding extra special and memorable.

Be creative, have fun, and don’t be afraid to bring your personality into the wedding of your dreams!