Worth a Thousand Words…

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So last week we found out the wonderful venue Catherine and James have chosen, the stunning Lustbeg Island Hotel. This week James is giving advice on the photographer and how they plan to ensure every precious moment is captured. 🙂


So yes, we have our venue, we have our wedding party, our date but most importantly we have each other.

There is obviously a lot of sensitive information that cannot be shared like colour scheme, themes or other surprises. These all will be revealed in time however most likely after the wedding so our guests can enjoy the day with no prior knowledge of what to expect.

There are a few core elements that seem to be a requirement at a wedding. One of them is a photographer. This is quite an important role in a wedding. The photographer is the person responsible for ensuring all the precious memories are caught and kept safe.

I personally don’t enjoy getting my photo taken (although ask Catherine and she will tell you I am a poser). In a world filled with smart phones and digital cameras nobody takes the time to put the camera down and just enjoy the moment. Thus the importance of a great photographer, the responsibility of taking pictures is down to them. Even though I can imagine Catherine posing for a “selfie” at the alter.

Our photographer is in fact my Uncle, Malachy. I know from past experience he is a dream to work with. He was the photographer at my sister’s wedding back in July 2013 where I was a groomsman. There is none of this fluffing around getting people into position, no awkward moments where you feel uncomfortable posing for a shot in front of a stranger. In this sense I guess we are lucky that I have a relative that is gifted with an eye for “the shot”. I can rest well in the knowledge that he will be there for all the right moments and can try and shoot me from a flattering angle. He has nothing to worry about when it comes to Catherine as she always looks stunning, and I’m sure she will leave me breathless on the big day.

An addition note I feel I must add, do have a word with the photographer you have chosen, let them know that the wedding day morning will be hectic as it always is. Invite them to take photographs that can be taken in advance such as the dress possibly some flowers the rings, the bride and bridesmaids standing around in robes drinking Champagne (I’m sure this will happen a lot in the days leading up to the wedding). Also he may wish to visit the venue beforehand encase he has never been there before also it gives you the opportunity to share some of your ideas you may have thought up while you were visiting the venue in the first place but on the day have forgotten about since you are so happy and excited.

The wedding album becomes a cherished item in the home. Catherine and I have flipped through both of our parents wedding albums and you can tell that it brings back fond memories for them as I hope it does for us when we look back thru it for many years to come.

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Feeling comfortable and confident with your photographer will create more natural pictures to treasure throughout your life. James and Catherine are lucky to have a family member on hand for the job. 🙂 Next week Catherine talks about the flowers. 🙂

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