Yoga for Brides to be

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Health, fitness and nutrition expert Sarah Connolly from Fit4Anything Fitness Studio in Ballygawley, lets us in on some of her secrets for getting brides wedding and honeymoon ready.

Yoga is more than just being flexible.  It is a therapy in itself and with continued practice amazing results will take place such as better sleep patterns, calmed mind, less stress and increased flexibility.

In the lead up to your wedding, stress management is a crucial aspect to a happy approach.  Giving yourself your own personal space is a step in the right direction to a more chilled out and productive day or week of preparation.

Not only will this therapy allow your cluttered mind to rest but it will also give your body a robust mobility workout that will remove any stress in your shoulders or neck.  Why not give a yoga class a go or practice in the comfort of your own home?

Simply find yourself a comfortable quiet place where you can sit alone and switch off.  Drop a cushion onto the floor and pop down onto it in a cross-legged seated position for 5-10 minutes of “YOU” time.


Sit up tall, relax through your shoulders and rest your hands on your knees.  Take a deep inhalation through your nostrils, absorbing as much air as possible, and then fully exhale through your nostrils, and empty the lungs.

Keep your eyes closed and just focus solely on your breath, feel the lungs expand and shrink as your thoughts drift away.


Sarah Connolly runs Fit4Anything Fitness Studio in Ballygawley, County Tyrone.  Sarah holds a degree in Sports Science and Health from DCU and is an ISSN Sports Nutritionist, having completed her postgraduate studies.  She has also undertaken Yoga Instructor Teacher Training in India and is currently studying as a UKSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach.