Your Guide To Planning A Wedding That’s Both Traditional And Unique

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Planning the perfect wedding is no mean feat, not to mention the fact that all brides want to make the day their very own. But what does it take to create something just a little – or a lot – more unique, whilst also honouring tradition on the big day?

If you’re already scratching you’re head, don’t be put off because we’ve put together some top tips to help you get started:


Get On The Same Page
The first step would be to sit down with your groom and decide just what “unique” means to you both. You might be surprised by how much your perceptions can differ. Also take into consideration how far you want to go with it and what kind of balance you want to achieve between “unique” and tradition. Think about what elements you are prepared to compromise on in order to create an effective and seamless event.

You’ll need to come up with a clear idea about the theme. Think about the interests or passions that you both share – Do you have a particular place that’s special to you? A unique hobby or a particular taste in music that you could design your theme around? Get inspired! And once the wheels start to turn you might be surprised by what you can come up with.

Tell Your Story
If none of the above takes your fancy then you might want to consider how you both met – location, time of year, circumstances and even what you both wore. Make your day ultra-romantic by telling the story of your romance – choosing particular colours, an orange dress and flowers if you wore orange, for example, or adorning the venue with exotic flowers and garlands if you met somewhere tropical…you get the idea. There are so many things you can be inspired by to reflect and tell the story.

Get down To Details
Now, while you might not want to walk down the aisle in a skydiving suit or dressed up like a Bollywood star – you might want to stick with tradition on that score – you could certainly design your stationary and decor around your chosen theme. Indeed, getting down to the details is where the fun really begins. Get your bridesmaids to carry something other than bouquets down the aisle if it fits better with your overall theme. Or what about a different seating arrangement? A circular plan for more intimacy, or a symbolic love-heart arrangement if you’re telling your story. There’s literally no end to what you could add in if you put your minds to it.

If you’re staying with tradition in terms of music in the evening then how about injecting some fun into it to embrace the unique aspect? Set up a photo booth, or have a photographer take pictures of your guests, and send them with the thank-you notes as a reminder of the day. Or, if you’re really going for unique then skip the first dance in favour of an activity related to your hobby or theme – keeping things decent, of course! Unless it’s a very small affair it will be unlikely that all your guests know one another, so how about bringing them together by giving them a fun activity to do, such as solving riddles related to your theme or even a treasure hunt if the setting allows for it.

The bottom line is that no matter what you decide on, with a little thought and creativity, you really can keep with tradition while also making your day just as unique as you want it to be.

By Linda Browne, Excalibur Press